More special than the stars that fill the sky…Bend, Or family portraits

Our recent trip back to Bend was so much fun and produced a slew of awesome portraits!  I was able to fit in an event, a wedding, family pictures and about 4 trips to Bellatazza!  hehe  For those of you not from Bend, that is definitely a must if you enjoy coffee!

What a fun time I had hanging out with this family.  When Stacie mentioned to me that they had a VW truck that they wanted to use in the pictures, of course I was all over that!  And it was cream to boot…perfect!  We basically just played in the forest for a few hours…making tents and beds in the back of the truck, kissing frogs and climbing on logs.  Getting to know these two girls was so amazing because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen sisters be so different from one another.  One was a princess…one a tomboy.  One didn’t even want her picture taken in the forest because there was too much dirt…and the other would’ve done the whole session with her shoes off and toes in the dirt!  One wore a more serious face most of the session…the other was way too easy to make smile.  So different, yet so wonderfully matched to make up this beautyfull family.

I teach Children’s Church at our church every week.  It’s not a big church by any means.  If fact, when we moved back here a year and a half ago, my kids were the only kids there.  But it is a church full of sinners who know they need God and need him badly.  Anyways, that’s kind of off topic, but what I’m getting to is that in Children’s Church, our unit we’re studying right now is all about how God made us and made us each so different with different talents, likes, dislikes, personalities, looks, and so on.  You know what they say about when you teach something, you learn it better than the ones you are teaching?  Well, let me tell you, that is so true!  I’ve always known that God made me, but teaching these 5, 6, 7 and 8 year old this fundamental truth has taught me to look outside of what I think other people should be like and to focus on how God created them to be…each different and special!  To quote part of the song that the kids and I are learning together…

God has made us, each different as the day is from the night.

God has made us, and fills us with a love that shines so bright.

God has made us, more special than the stars that fill the sky.

We lift Your name on high!


So as you browse through these pictures, I pray that these 2 sweet girls will remind you that no matter how God made you, you are so so special to Him!

Contax 645 . 80mm 2.0 . Fuji 400H

Wayne Johnson - May 26, 2012 - 11:46 am

What a beautiful set of pictures!

Janice - June 6, 2012 - 9:45 am

Gorgeous pictures. Works of art!

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