Bob+Shannon+Parker+Laney :: Family Portrait Photographer in Walla Walla

Have I told you lately that I LOVE living here in the Walla Walla Valley?  If not, I’m telling you now!  And I more than LOVE being a photographer here in Walla Walla!  Seriously, the light is so gorgeous and there are a plethora of apple orchards, fields, farms…you name it!  There is a back road that we always take when we go to church, the post office, Ivan’s t-ball games…it takes you about anywhere you want to go in the little town of Milton-Freewater.  Aa a photographer, everywhere I look I notice the scenery and how the lighting is coming through.  Well, I’ve driven on this particular back road and for the past few years have notice there is one spot in a certain apple orchard that at the right time of day, the light filters through the trees at just the right angel and creates the most beautiful scene you can imagine!  Needless to say, I knew I had to use it for pictures, so recently I went to ask to use the location and at the same time noticed that they don’t pick the apples on these trees!!!!  Yippee!  What does that mean for me?  Ahhhhh…gorgeous field, amazing light, and apples for the kids to pick!  Seriously, it can’t get much better than this!  I get giddy just thinking about it!  I’m  the type that when I see beautiful light, I just itch to be out shooting in it!  Call me crazy, but I love it!

Anyhow, this family followed me out to our special apple orchard with amazing light, and we spent a few hours on a beautiful October evening playing in the grass, picking and eating apples, snuggling with mom and dad, and of course, eating suckers at the end!  And I can’t tell you how much of a blessing this family is in my life!  When we first moved over here, I had a hard time leaving our Bend friends and was so afraid that finding friends here would be a bit more difficult.  I must say that even after a year and two weeks (yep, been here that long already!), I still continually miss our friends in Bend, but the Lord had blessed us beyond all we could ask or imagine!  This family is just one of those blessings!  Shannon and I met in stroller class at the gym where I also got to know and love her two little beauties, Parker and Laney.  Ahhhh…and blessing #2…Shannon is also a 2nd grade teacher in Walla Walla who is so graciously going to let me come and teach an art lesson to her class this week!  I can’t wait to get into my “teacher mode” and put together a fun, fall craft and make their fall bulletin board!  Maybe, just maybe, she’ll let me be a guest teacher once a month!  I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!

Have fun browsing through the pictures and “spending time” with this beautiful family in the sunlit apple orchard!

All photographs shot with film on my Contax 645.  Have I mentioned yet that I’m completely smitten with shooting film?  Bye Bye digital!

Melissa McFadden - November 9, 2011 - 12:42 pm

Oh my, Anna, these are all so incredibly beautiful! You have such an amazing talent, my friend. I’m thinking we may need to visit your special apple orchard spot next year. :)

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