Precious Baby Logan

What a privilege it was to be able to capture this precious little boy in his first days here on earth!  It was even more special since I have known his sweet mommy since high school and we were able to catch up!  Oh, the high school days!  Wow!  I’m sure we all remember at least something about high school.  For me, it wasn’t too bad.  Of course there’s always the drama that comes with the teenage years, and everything that goes along with that, but I would have to say that, compared to some, my high school days were probably on the easy side.  I look now at those teenage years and see so many kids that all want to fit in and and be like the beautiful, popular girl or the stud football player.  Oh how I wish they knew that they were made for more than that!  That they were created with a unique personality that is like none other.  That they have beautyfull gifts and talents that were put in them before they were even born!  I know I’ve talked before about what I’ve been teaching to my kiddos in Sunday School, but truly, my desire is to instill within them at this young age that they were created so very special.  That they were formed by the hands of God and their days were counted and numbered and all figured out even before they were conceived!  I know, crazy to think about, but doesn’t that make you feel special?  Knowing that you were created by His hands and in His image?  That is something that I need to remember way more often.  And that is my prayer for this little guy…that he will grow up knowing how special he is to his Creator!

I adore your whole family, Amanda, and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to hang out with your precious little man!

Olivia - June 13, 2012 - 2:20 pm

Wow! Sooo cute!

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